Chet Siegel

Chet Siegel


Chet Siegel is a West Virginia native currently living in Chinatown. She is recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where there are technically no majors, but if there were, she would have a B.A. in Theater and Literature.

She always knew she wanted to be a comedian. Or a ballerina. She studied improvisation with Armando Diaz, Rachel Hamilton, James Eason, Bill Arnett, Piero Procaccini, Joe Wengert, Christian Capozzoli, Joe Bill, and Mark Sutton to name a few. If you just can’t get enough of her with The Boss, you can see her perform with her sketch group, Good Morning, Ladies! or with her other, weirder improv groups,Lizards & Snakes and Lights Out, Shirley!

Chet has also improvised all over NYC and the great country of Canada with the ladies of Elsie Jay and the retired Megawatt team, CRUSH as part of ArsNova’s ANT Fest, Vancouver International Improv Festival, and Toronto’s ProjectProject Combustion Festival.

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