In Antarctica, Where It Is Very Warm

In Antarctica, Where it is Very Warm

September 19-October 11,2014

At IRT Theater, 154 Christopher St

A tale of memory, longing, and the looming threat of an unforgiving environment…” – OuterStage

Considers [Antarctica] with such acuity and depth…” – NY Theater Now


Neil’s a plumber, but he’s never been a plumber in Antarctica before. As Winter arrives and total darkness sets in he starts to learn how lonely it can be on a base with fourteen other people at the bottom of the world. A play about beer, mistakes, and trying to be something other than yourself.

This fully staged production is years in the making. Blowout first workshopped this piece by Jona Tarlin in May of 2013 and since then, together, we’ve been developing the piece for IRT this fall. With all the inherent and unique challenges of a play set at the South Pole; it is our most demanding undertaking since founding the company a little over three years ago.

Press Release

Antarctica Photo Credit: Stephen Hudson



Dress Rehearsal


Press Photographs

Jona Tarlin, Playwright

Jona Tarlin, Playwright

Kyle Metzger

Kyle Metzger, Director

E.J. An

E.J. An, Helen

Veronique Hurley

Veronique Hurley, Annabelle

Patience Haskell, Lighting Designer

Patience Haskell, Lighting Designer

Aaron Ethan Green, Set Designer

Aaron Ethan Green, Set Designer

Meaghan Cross, Costume Designer

John Lavigne, Technical Director

John Lavigne, Technical Director

Eli Thacker Taylor

Eli Thacker Taylor, Sound Designer

Kristine Schlachter

Kristine Schlachter, Production Stage Manager

J. Robert Coppola, Fight Choreographer

J. Robert Coppola, Fight Choreographer

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