Lost Teeth

Lost Teeth
Tori just wants to be happy. Is that so hard? Nora is happy, but she wasn’t before a hammer left a hole in her head. Is that too hard?

Blowout Theatre is pleased to be participating in the 2017 Capital Fringe Festival! In order to attend, please purchase a Fringe Button and Lost Teeth show ticket.

Capital Fringe is a catalyst for cultural and community development, and a destination that brings artists and audiences together. Founded in 2006, the annual Fringe Festival, held each July, serves as a celebration of cultural democracy and art for everyone.

Photos from Dress & Tech Rehearsals


Jona Tarlin, Playwright

Jona Tarlin,

Kristan Seemel, Director

Kristan Seemel,

Kerry Kastin

Kerry Kastin,
 Nora, Producer

Drew Nungesser, Sound Designer

Drew Nungesser,
Sound Designer

Jimmy Stubbs

Jimmy Stubbs,
Set Designer

Lacey Talero

Lacey Talero,
 Production Manager

Moyenda Kulemeka

Moyenda Kulemeka,
Costume Designer

Stephanie Cox-Williams

Stephanie Cox-Williams,
Props/SFX Blood Design

Katie Reed,
Marketing Manager