ProphetGurl113 by Lisa Bernier


April 5-7, 2013 in the Venus Theater Festival 2013 at Cabrini Repertoir Theater

Blowout Theatre Company participated in the Venus Theater Festival 2013 with its production of ProphetGurl113 written by Lisa Bernier. Blowout was excited to be involved in the festival’s competition, featuring shows written by female playwrights. ProphetGurl113 is about a modern day prophet who decides to quit God by going to Coney Island to get swallowed by a whale. Chaos ensues.


Lisa Bernier

Lisa Bernier, Playwright / Joanie

Alex Decaneas

Alex Decaneas, Director

Nick Giedris

Nick Giedris, Bezelbub

Alice Johnson

Alice Johnson, Gabrielle / Ensemble

Matt Lenzi

Matt Lenzi, Ensemble